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Dec 29

A Royal Blues year in review

This isn’t at all self-indulgent! It’s more like a roller coaster where I’m the only person having fun! JANUARY Thanks to the wonders of MS Paint, I predicted what Rick Ankiel would look like as a Royal. Friends and I went to the Royals Caravan in Lincoln, and told Ryan LeFebvre about the Ryan LeFebvre …

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Nov 12

Five Foto Friday: Now with actual photos!

FFF02 DSC_5853

Every Friday of the baseball offseason, I’ll share five photos from the past year. Hopefully that will make time go by a bit faster before pitchers and catchers report. Click on any picture for a bigger version, or e-mail me if you need a full-res version for any reason. Hockey! I’m not one of the …

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Nov 05

Five Foto Friday


Every Friday of the baseball offseason, I will highlight five photos from the past year. Hopefully this will help us all get through the harsh, cruel winter. Click any image for full-size version. And as always, you can use these photos, just give me credit – these are hard work! Ahhhh, my very first press …

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Oct 17

Royals farewells: Herges, Lerew and Rupe

Matt Herges, pitchin'. Photo by me.

This past week, the Royals parted ways with three pitchers who spent part or all of last season in Omaha: Matt Herges was released; Anthony Lerew and Josh Rupe became free agents. Here’s a look back on what they did for the Royals. Matt Herges (released) Herges signed as a free agent with the Royals …

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Sep 07

Quick note on photos

I like to take pictures of baseball games (and sometimes other stuff). More than that, I like sharing pictures from baseball games. As it says on my photography page, anyone is welcome to use my pictures for blogs or whatever, as long as I’m properly credited. I also like to see how people are using …

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Sep 02

Final game at Rosenblatt Stadium tonight…

These sweet/ominous storm clouds eventually dumped on the Blatt Tuesday night.

It’s hard to believe this day is actually here. I’ve tried all season to figure out how I feel about historic Rosenblatt Stadium going away, and I’ve wondered what this day would be like. So far, it’s normal: I’m half-listening to a class lecture and wishing I had eaten breakfast. Pretty typical. But what will …

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Jul 31

A quick Ankiel-related tale from the dugout

Smarter, better-informed bloggers have already begun to put up their posts analyzing the HALLELUJAH trade that sent Kyle Farnworth and Rick Ankiel SQUEEEEE I CAN’T HELP BUT YELL IN DELIGHT to Atlanta. All I have at the moment is this small tale from the dugout. Before one of the two straight double-headers Omaha played last …

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Aug 18

What does Gordon do to Omaha’s infield?

Alex Gordon will join Omaha Wednesday night in Tacoma, which means the already-crowded Omaha infield might see some changes. The O-Royals’ current bunch of middle-infielders includes Luis Hernandez, Tug Hulett, Mario Lisson, Travis Metcalf, and Irving Falu – although Falu also plays outfield. Luis Hernandez has played shortstop exclusively since being demoted from the big …

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Jul 30

DiNardo wins, Kila close to O-Royals record for walks

This is Take Two of this entry – our lovely (read: Piece of *&!%* garbage) blogging software decided to completely erase everything I had written, and the photos I had inserted. At the Major League level, the Royals are awful at getting on base. They rank 3rd-to-last in all of the Majors in OBP, and …

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Jul 02

How to attend THE Alex Gordon Omaha Royals game.

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, Alex Gordon will be joining the Omaha Royals for one game on his rehab assignment, and that one game is tomorrow. As of yesterday evening, something like 18,000 tickets had already been sold – not all because of Gordon, of course, but because this was to be one of our two …

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