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Aug 08

Player personalities: Dyson, Moustakas, Lucas and more

Casteneda candid 01

Note: This is a busy time for me, with two different jobs in two different cities intersecting, but I will try to MAKE some time for blogging. We’ll see how this goes. Some dugout stories from Friday: Long before Friday’s game started, only a few Royals players were outside. Most game days at this time, …

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Jul 31

A quick Ankiel-related tale from the dugout

Smarter, better-informed bloggers have already begun to put up their posts analyzing the HALLELUJAH trade that sent Kyle Farnworth and Rick Ankiel SQUEEEEE I CAN’T HELP BUT YELL IN DELIGHT to Atlanta. All I have at the moment is this small tale from the dugout. Before one of the two straight double-headers Omaha played last …

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