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Dec 29

A Royal Blues year in review

This isn’t at all self-indulgent! It’s more like a roller coaster where I’m the only person having fun! JANUARY Thanks to the wonders of MS Paint, I predicted what Rick Ankiel would look like as a Royal. Friends and I went to the Royals Caravan in Lincoln, and told Ryan LeFebvre about the Ryan LeFebvre …

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Oct 02

Congratulations Bruce Chen!

C'MON, CHEN! I was going to put in the video, but it was removed from YouTube. Grrrr.

I have few things to say tonight, other than to be extremely happy for a very cool human being. My life has been vastly more entertaining with Bruce “C’MON CHEN” Chen in it, and I’m thrilled that his final start of this season could be like this. Nine innings, two hits, zero runs, two walks, …

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