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Feb 24

Opening Day Countdown: 43

Let’s see if I can come up with a post every day of the rest of the offseason. Today, there are 43 days left until Opening Day on April 6. 43 is the number of hits Eric Hosmer collected in Omaha before his callup. It is also the number of scoops he had at first …

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Feb 23

Opening Day Countdown: 44

Let’s see if I can come up with a post every day of the rest of the offseason. Today, there are 44 days left until Opening Day on April 6. 44 is the number of RBIs Mike Moustakas had in Omaha last year, before he got called up to Kansas City in June. This isn’t …

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Dec 31

A Royal Blues Year in Review, Part Two

Part One covered January through April. Let’s move right along to May and beyond! May I caught one Storm Chasers game as a regular fan before leaving on the Epic Road Trip Adventure. (Here’s a snippet of that travelogue…I should really get around to sharing more, right?) Photos from the road trip are here. I …

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Dec 29

A Royal Blues Year in Review, Part One

The obligatory end-of-the-year post is being broken up into parts to allow for more pictures of Eric Hosmer (and other people and things). This is Part One. January I was chosen to be a part of the Royals Digital Digest at FanFest! Before I went to KC, I noted that Anthony Lerew is married – …

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Oct 06

Farewell to Lance Zawadzki

When I read that Lance Zawadzki was among the Royals’ roster cuts, I was prepared to make the argument that he should be retained as an organizational guy for another season. In my mind, he was a pretty darn good ballplayer. The thing is, most of my exposure to the Storm Chasers this year came …

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Sep 13

Eight notable Storm Chasers postseason performances

Hitters Lorenzo Cain Cain has hit in every postseason game, including FIVE hits on Friday night, and has continued to play defense like a gazelle.* His hits include two doubles and a triple. *I wish I could remember who described Cain’s defense like that to me after he joined the Royals. “A [gosh darn] gazelle” …

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Sep 12

A bunch of Storm Chasers who have been in the playoffs together

I was on Facebook earlier today, and up in the corner of one page was a “This Date in 2009” post, allowing me to travel back in time and see what I was up to in 2009, my first senior year of college. This was my status that day: Lots of the guys from those …

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Jun 02

Goodbye, Lucas May. We hardly knew ye.

Lucas May came to the Royals in the Scott Podsednik trade last summer. Today, he was traded to the Diamondbacks, for righty Andrea Pizziconi. (I can already hear Ryan LeFebvre having fun with that name on a broadcast.) (Thanks to Greg Schaum for alerting me that I am stupid, and missed the fact that Pizziconi’s …

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May 17

Duffy callup a huge acceleration of the Process

I called my dad yesterday to let him know I had arrived safely at the home of my host family in California. Kyle Davies had come out of the game, but Vin Mazzaro hadn’t yet made history with the worst pitching performance ever. Dad asked me who I thought would come up to replace Davies, …

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May 06

A tortured metaphor about the Hosmer callup

For one of the first times all year, it is BEAUTIFUL outside here in Lincoln. I had to walk across campus to turn in some graduation-related paperwork, and on the way, I saw a 5-year-old girl who sort of summed up the Hosmer callup. The girl must have been part of a kindergarten class field …

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