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Oct 15

Time machine: Royals in Omaha

This is apparently real life; it doesn’t seem possible but multiple sources confirm that the Royals are one win away from the World Series. One thing that tickles me about this Playoff team – among many things – is how many of them I’ve shot in Omaha. It’s been a privilege meeting and shooting these …

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May 29

Dayton Moore on plans, 2006

Saw this at Royals Review, and was so mindblown I had to share. This gem is going to stay up here, at the top of my front page, for as long as it takes. If you make enough good decisions, three-year plans turn into two-year plans and five-year plans turn into three-year plans. If you …

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May 26

Even I’ve lost patience with the Royals. Let’s get the pitchforks!

I’m a happy person, generally. My momma taught me to find silver linings everywhere, and give people the benefit of the doubt. Someone cut me off in traffic? Maybe there’s a woman in labor in the backseat. Hit a crappy tee shot?* Well, what an opportunity to work on shooting out of the rough. I’m …

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Dec 10

The departed.

I’m too flummoxed right now to formally talk about this thing. My on-the-record prediction from the Meetings was right on, but I wish it was not. I Tweeted the following, after saying the same in the comments at Royals Review: “GMDM has left the building. My prediction on [Royals Review] was that he would be …

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Oct 04

The last lineup of the 2012 season: In pictures

For an eternity leading up to this spring, 2012 was supposed to be the year The Process came to a head. “Mission 2012” was officially a Thing in the newspaper. But, here we are, for lots of reasons. Injuries happened. I’m tempted – and as the offseason wears on I might give in to this …

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Jun 30

Your periodic reminder that baseball players are human beings

Yesterday, a number of commenters on a story in the Star blasted Jonathan Sanchez because of his Twitter account. Apparently, Sanchez definitively hates Kansas City and doesn’t care about his performance here because he doesn’t Tweet about baseball. No, seriously: Did anyone hear about this clown’s twitter account? Not one mention of the Royals. Most …

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Jun 25

A blog post about blog posts: Farewell, Will McDonald

Nobody in my day-to-day life is likely to care much (if at all) about the changes happening in the Royals blog community today. If I tried to explain to any of my coworkers why I got a little bit choked up while reading a post about a blogger ceasing to blog, it wouldn’t make sense. …

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May 13

You’ve got to be kidding me

I'm sorry, what did you say? Am I misreading that headline?

Below is a screengrab from a Royals.com story. I can’t even wrap my head around this editorial decision.  

Apr 26

I had actually forgotten what not-losing, even for one night, felt like.

It feels AWESOME. Also, Rex Hudler is extremely orange. Like Snooki, or an Oompa-Loompa. Whatever he’s paying for his tanning, it’s too much.

Jan 27

Ryan LeFebvfre on Ryan LeFebvre’s next partner

Yesterday, with the help of Twitter, I came up with a list of possible TV broadcasters for the Royals in 2012. Today, I’m pleased to follow that up with the input of Ryan LeFebvre himself. The caveat, of course, is that Ryan can’t comment on any specific names that have been thrown out there. I …

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