May 29

Dayton Moore on plans, 2006

Saw this at Royals Review, and was so mindblown I had to share. This gem is going to stay up here, at the top of my front page, for as long as it takes.

If you make enough good decisions, three-year plans turn into two-year plans and five-year plans turn into three-year plans. If you make bad decisions, 10-year plans turn into no plan.

See? Amazing. Let’s turn it up a little:

If you make bad decisions, 10-year plans turn into no plan.

10-year plans turn into no plan.

no plan.

We are just under three years away from Dayton Moore fulfilling his own prophecy and realizing he has no plan.


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1 comment

  1. Mark LaFlamme

    I think we’re there. Major league team foundering (to say the least) and nothing very promising in the minor system. Right now, the people who are still tuning in to Royals games seem to be doing it out of morbid curiosity, myself included. Utter catastrophe. Something tells me that completing ruining an MLB baseball team for years to come will forever be known as “pulling a Dayton.”

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