Dec 10

The departed.

I’m too flummoxed right now to formally talk about this thing.

My on-the-record prediction from the Meetings was right on, but I wish it was not. I Tweeted the following, after saying the same in the comments at Royals Review: “GMDM has left the building. My prediction on [Royals Review] was that he would be quiet this week, then make a huge(ly stupid) trade next Monday or so. ”

So my timeline was slightly off. Dayton Moore’s trigger finger was itchier than I imagined. And we’ve sold half the farm, including literally the best player in all of Minor League Baseball, for a single guaranteed year of James Shields. If the Royals don’t win the whole damn thing this year, the trade will be for exactly nothing. And is James Shields really good enough to push KC’s broken-down jalopy of a starting rotation into October? REALLY?!

I’m raging a little bit. Please forgive me. The first draft of this steam pile had a lot of swears. I can’t speak rationally yet, and who’s to say when I’ll be able to? As Rany so ably put it on Twitter: “Yes, I’d trade Wil Myers for a #1 starter. But the Royals traded for James Shields, not David Price.”

For the moment, I’m just going to do what I do, and say farewell to some of my favorite players, photo subjects, and young men – in pictures.
We’ll start with Wil Myers, who – let’s not forget – was the best player in all of the Minors. Every evaluator of talent in the country agreed on that. It cannot be stressed enough when examining the Rays’ haul in this deal.

Wil Myers with his awards

These are two of the least prestigious awards Wil would go on to win.


This is the last we will see of Wil celebrating any title in the Royals organization.

And goodbye to Jake Odorizzi, who was a solid prospect, and as far as I could ever tell, a pretty good young man as well.
There was a HUGE crowd at Werner Park

  And to Mike Montgomery, who may yet figure himself out. He’s got the stuff; he has always had the stuff.
Mike Montgomery during the National Anthem
Monty pitching

Why we had to give up all three of these young men, plus Patrick Leonard, I don’t know. What the hell do I know? I’m not the general manager who has successfully seen the Best Farm System Ever turn into…a year of James Shields? Awww, hell.

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  1. KCAstrosFan

    Feeling your pain Minda… I am feeling your pain.

  2. Matt

    Pretty bummed about this move, too. Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. I’ll always remember the great game he had at our Futures Game last summer.

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