May 06

A tortured metaphor about the Hosmer callup

Eric Hosmer

One of his last games as a Storm Chaser. Photo by me!

For one of the first times all year, it is BEAUTIFUL outside here in Lincoln. I had to walk across campus to turn in some graduation-related paperwork, and on the way, I saw a 5-year-old girl who sort of summed up the Hosmer callup.

The girl must have been part of a kindergarten class field trip, and the group was walking back toward their bus. The teacher was lagging behind as the kids ran ahead, doing and saying adorable things. A little blonde girl stopped walking and stood stock-still, with her face practically buried among the branches of a flowery shrub.

As soon as the teacher caught up to the little girl, she ripped two huge handfuls of blooms off the bush, and held them high for her teacher to see. “Look!” she yelled. “FLOWWWWEEEEERRRRRSSSSS!”

Her exuberance over her find completely covered up the fact that she damaged the shrub. Maybe her teacher scolded her about it later, but in that moment, that girl found herself some pretty flowers, and nothing was going to stop her from being happy about it.

That’s how I feel about the Eric Hosmer callup. Even though plenty of other bloggers have pointed out how the timing of the callup could be damaging to The Process, I’m still counting down the seconds to tonight’s game with more fevered anticipation than any other game this year – even Opening Day. Eric Hosmer is my version of that little girl’s fistfuls of pretty spring flowers, and I’m too excited to hear the scoldings about how the shrubbery will be ruined.

May the Hos be with you…

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  1. Alan Ray

    Man, am I gonna miss you……
    Don’t Jinx the Dirt,

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