May 02

Super awesome Storm Chasers photos!

Due to an 11th-hour scheduling change, I got to go to Sunday’s Chasers game as a fan, for the first time ever. It was also probably my last game before I leave for California, but that’s neither here nor there. I took a bunch of pictures, and it would be awesome if you’d go look at them. And if you’re a blogger, of course, you can use them. Same deal as always.

The Chasers lost, which is too bad. But I try to examine the losses, and remember that minor league teams aren’t “teams” in the way that MLB teams are. They’re collections of individual performers trying to move up the ladder. So when Jeff Suppan is the one who coughs up six runs in a single inning, it’s not as panic-inducing as if Danny Duffy had done the same. Or the other night, when Omaha blew a lead in the 9th. It sucked, sure, but it was Luis Mendoza, and not an up-and-coming prospect who gave it up.

Losing still sucks, of course, but it’s easier to swallow if the guys who make the crappy plays are not the ones on whom The Process is centered. Now, here’s a picture of Minor League Baseball’s anti-tobacco policy being flouted.
79% sure that's Vin Mazzaro.

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