Apr 29

This is the Storm Chasers team we expected

Last night, the Storm Chasers won their ninth straight game, this one against the Iowa Cubs, and at home. When even the team media releases sound giddy and bubbling, you know your team is doing well. To wit:

The Omaha Storm Chasers have put together some fine performances during their current nine-game winning streak, but none have been as complete or as dominant as Thursday’s 7-0 whitewashing of the Iowa Cubs. The young stars shined brightly, the bullpen was as strong as ever and the power – which had not been on display at Werner Park until now – showed up in a big way.

Yep. By the way, the Chasers have only lost one game at home, and sadly, it was the ONE time I got to sit in the (comfortable!) stands and watch.

I’m in class, so my powers of research are limited, so here are some numbers from our hitters over the last 10 games. I think you’ll like them.

Eric Hosmer:

As superb as these 10-game numbers are, what’s even more awesome is that this is not that far off from Hosmer’s season totals. The last 10 days of hitting aren’t some random fluke. The young man can just hit. And also walk. And steal bases, I guess?

Mike Moustakas:

He hasn’t been in “god mode” the past 10 games like some of his teammates, but Moose is pulling up some of his low numbers from the first couple weeks. That’s encouraging, and should be celebrated. Suuuuper small sample size alert, but more of Moustakas’ walks have come in the past 10 games than his first nine. With Moustakas, of course, any examination of walks is going to contain a sample size warning, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

Clint Robinson:

This is a VERY good line, and it’s actually a little bit worse than Robinson’s season totals. As I said on the Royalman Report podcast recently*, I was among the C-Rob skeptics, even after his Texas League triple crown. I’m happy to see him continue his dominance at a higher level, and would love to see what he can do against big league pitching – even if it’s not necessarily with the Royals.

*I think I forgot to link to that before. My bad! Go listen?

Johnny Giavotella:

His average and slugging percentage are higher in the past 10 games than the nine before that, but his OBP remains the same, making me think his good performance at the plate during the team’s win streak is not some kind of fluke, either.

Gregor Blanco’s OBP this season is .400. In his last 10 games, it’s .433. Not too shabby.

On the not-so-positive end of things, neither of our catchers are hitting worth a darn.
Manny Pina:
.125/.222/.125 in his last 10 games,
.139/.279/.139 overall.

But, the fact that Pina does not have a single extra-base will not dampen my fandom for him. I have to have an irrational favorite somewhere.

Speaking of people who don’t have a single extra-base hit…
Lucas May:
.077/.200/.077 in 9 games played so far.

Isn’t that an utterly amazing line? Now that I realize* both of our catchers are that feeble at the plate, I will be on high alert for the Catcher XBH Watch. I’m working the games all weekend, so there won’t be real-time tweeting if one of them happens to get past first base (snicker), but I will be watching.

*What can I say? I’ve been busy. But I’m almost finished with the Semester From Hell. YAY!

Anyway, I’ll be working at some or all three of the games this weekend (I’m still not sure about Sunday). As far as I know, I’ll be on 3rd base tonight, and 1st base tomorrow. Please come and say hello! And maybe sign yourself or your kids up for a promotion!


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