Apr 21

How to be an Omaha Storm Chasers fan

Nice jersey!! [Note: As always, views expressed here are mine, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Omaha Storm Chasers.]

Go to the stadium!

Werner Park is cool, and I’m not just saying that because it’s my workplace.

Seating: I have said this elsewhere, but it’s worth saying again in this young season: There is not a bad seat in the ballpark. There are only like 15 rows of seats, meaning no matter where you buy your ticket, you’ll be close to the field. Or, you can sit in the outfield and chase after home run balls (or let your young kids move around a bit).

Parking: Yes, some parking lots are no longer free. But you can still park in the F4 lot (at the back of the property) for free. Even if you *must* pay, most lots are just two bucks, or you can be a high-rollin’ VIP for just $5. The road that leads in to the parking lots does have a two-lane roundabout. Please use caution on that.

Food: I admit, I can’t tell you much about the food at this point. All I’ve had is a plain hot dog. I’d love input from any fans who have sampled some of the new/fancy foodstuffs and drinks.

Accessibility: As much of a treasure as Rosenblatt was, there were some HUGE accessibility issues. But those are a thing of the past. There are no metal walkways at Werner Park, and all the sidewalks in the concourses are wide and smooth. The restrooms are large and have touch-free sinks and hand dryers that seem reachable from, for example, a wheelchair.

My uniform. Someday, it'll be warm enough to shed the jacket and pants.

Free stuff!: As always, we do a ton of giveaways and on-field contests. And as always, we LOVE volunteers. If you want the chance to hang out by the Storm Chasers dugout, go out on to the lovely new field during a game, and win a prize, come find any of the GTM Sportswear Storm Girls* before the game. Believe me, they’ll appreciate your volunteerism. And even if you don’t participate on the field, pay attention to the on-field contests. Often, our contestants are competing on behalf of entire sections.

*that is what we are called, indeed.

And don’t worry – if you sit out in the outfield seating, you will still have the opportunity to catch free shirts and stuff. Shirts are shot/thrown from the back of a John Deere Gator around the entire warning track.

If you don’t live in the area (or even if you do, but aren’t at the stadium):

On the go
The team has both an Android app and an iPhone version. It’s a gazillion times better than just going to the team website on your phone, and it’s preeeeeetty, too.

On the computer
Keep up with stuff on the Storm Chasers official site.

And here are some unofficial sources for Chasers stuff:

So there are some things. Tonight is the season’s first Thirsty Thursday, where beers and small sodas are just a buck. Don’t worry, there was no way in the world we would change THAT.

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  1. Matt

    I would love to catch a game sometime this year! The videos they showed about the ballpark during the Futures Game looked pretty sweet.

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    […] 21: How to be an Omaha Storm Chasers fan. I had been to a few games, in my fifth season with the organization but my first as a Storm Girl. […]

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