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Feb 25

Opening Day Countdown: 42

Let’s see if I can come up with a post every day of the rest of the offseason. Today, there are 42 days left until Opening Day on April 6. 42 is the total number of saves earned by the Northwest Arkansas Naturals in 2011, out of 73 total wins. 42 saves led the Texas …

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Dec 31

A Royal Blues Year in Review, Part Two

Part One covered January through April. Let’s move right along to May and beyond! May I caught one Storm Chasers game as a regular fan before leaving on the Epic Road Trip Adventure. (Here’s a snippet of that travelogue…I should really get around to sharing more, right?) Photos from the road trip are here. I …

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Nov 15

Learning to hit – and love baseball – with NW Ark outfielder Tim Smith


Sometimes, stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. Tim Smith, one of Northwest Arkansas’ top hitters this season, is Canadian. So naturally, he grew up playing hockey first – baseball was just a secondary sport in the summertime. He said he dreamed of someday making it to the NHL. But by age 16 or so, Smith …

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Apr 11

Celebrating a better Royals youth movement

I grew up with the crappy Royals, which means I’m a fan with no “good old days” to reflect warmly on, and my Royals teams have been the butt of baseball jokes for as long as I’ve been alive. In that time, there have been a number of “youth movements.” They were all disappointing, to …

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Jun 10

Breaking: Disco Hayes to Omaha!

According to KCSP’s Greg Schaum, the Royals have promoted reliever Chris ‘Disco’ Hayes to AAA Omaha. Hayes will join the O-Royals as they embark on their annual 2+ week road trip during the College World Series. Hayes, 26, was off to a dominating start in his second season at AA Northwest Arkansas, posting a 0.98 …

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May 14

Royals Minors updates: Gutierrez and Disco

Last week, we learned that the Royals and RHP stud prospect Daniel Gutierrez had a disagreement over…well, something. The problems arose when Gutierrez, who has been in Arizona all spring rehabbing a hurt shoulder, switched agents to Scott Boras and started working out at the Boras facilities. The team sent Guz home “for personal reasons.” …

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Apr 19

Inevitability: the Farnsworth edition (plus some Minors notes)

Because “learning from mistakes” is a very high-minded type of skill, today was another flipping day where EVERYONE knew how the Royals game would end, except the guy who sent in the wrong pitcher. Why bother warming Joakim Soria up, Trey, when you’re just going to send Kyle Farnsworth in to do what Kyle Farnsworth …

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Apr 14

A Minor update

David DeJesus just made a catch to finish off the Cleveland Indians, after a delightful game. That John F. Buck grand slam was a treat, and now the Royals are in first place. Say that with me now, because who knows how long it will last: The Royals are in first place! Meanwhile, down on …

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