Feb 25

Opening Day Countdown: 42

Let’s see if I can come up with a post every day of the rest of the offseason. Today, there are 42 days left until Opening Day on April 6.

Blaine Hardy

Hardy spent some time in AA and some in AAA in 2011.


is the total number of saves earned by the Northwest Arkansas Naturals in 2011, out of 73 total wins. 42 saves led the Texas League.

The Naturals pitchers who finished the most games were Patrick Keating (22), Kelvin Herrera (17), and Blaine Hardy (13), but the team did not have a clear-cut “closer” for the whole season. That seems logical, as anyone dominant enough to be anointed with that title would either still be a starter, or would get promoted before completing a whole season as a AA closer.

Other things in which the Naturals pitching staff led the Texas League:

  • Fewest HBP (48)

…yep, that’s it. That means very little, of course. It’s mere trivia, but that’s what there is to do when it’s still winter and I can’t drive 20 minutes and end up at a ballgame. And really, for a AA staff to dominate the league in a bunch of stuff might mean that your pitchers are all good enough to be awesome in the Texas League, but not awesome enough to move up and even make it to the Majors.

Three Naturals players made it all the way from Springdale to the Majors this year. Seven other players who were at AA in 2010 have ended up in Kansas City. Yet more will do the same this season and next, and by that time, Kansas City will be in a whole different place in The Process. The “first wave” will officially be over.


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