May 14

Royals Minors updates: Gutierrez and Disco

  • Last week, we learned that the Royals and RHP stud prospect Daniel Gutierrez had a disagreement over…well, something. The problems arose when Gutierrez, who has been in Arizona all spring rehabbing a hurt shoulder, switched agents to Scott Boras and started working out at the Boras facilities. The team sent Guz home “for personal reasons.”

As of right now, Gutierrez is still working out at the Boras facilities, but told me he will be back soon. Presumably – and hopefully – that means back with the Royals.

  • Won’t somebody please just promote Chris Hayes to Omaha already? This is getting embarrassing. He pitched another great outing tonight, needing just 18 pitches to get through four outs. He did allow one hit – a double – but that was all.

The outing lowered Hayes’s ERA to 0.78 through 21.2 innings. He has only walked four batters, and an insane 72% of balls batted against him have been ground balls. What else can Disco possibly do at this point before he moves up a level? There is nothing else to prove at NW Arkansas, and I hope the Royals front office sees that. And I’m not just saying that because I want to see him pitch in person. If that’s all I wanted, I’d make the drive to Springdale! If anyone in this organization deserves a promotion right freaking now, it is Disco Hayes.

  • You are all astute and eagle-eyed, so you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t written about what is now a six-game losing streak by Kansas City. Nor will I, because I am channeling my inner ostrich, and wish to remain buried in the sand until this losing crap goes away. In 45 minutes, the clock will strike midnight, signifying a brand new Greinkeday and the dawn of hope that this putrid pattern of loserdom stops at six games. Go Royals.

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