May 12

Breaking: Jose Duarte promoted to Omaha

Just got word from Greg Schaum…
To fill a void left by Mitch Maier being in the Majors and Shane Costa and Chris Lubanski being on the disabled list, outfielder Jose Duarte has been promoted to Omaha, effective right…now.

The 24-year-old Duarte was batting .250 in 28 games at Northwest Arkansas with 3 doubles, a triple, no homers, 18 walks ans 25 strikeouts.

The Royals have using Brayan Pena, Cory Aldridge and Ed Lucas, along with regular CF Tommy Murphy to get by while Lubanski and Costa are on the mend. Duarte will presumably join the team in Salt Lake City, where they begin a 4-game series with the Bees (Angels AAA team) tonight.

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  1. Ray W

    What’s all this going on with you and Greg ……..

  2. Minda Haas

    Not cool, Ray, not cool

  3. schaum

    He will not join the team until tomorrow I am told now…
    RayRay…not cool man, not cool

  4. Ray W

    Sorry couldn’t help it

  5. perez aguilar

    Duarte is born in Sta Lucia City is mi friend.I waiting him arrive in Big Show

  6. Minda Haas

    Very cool. I hope he makes it!

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