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How to attend THE Alex Gordon Omaha Royals game.

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, Alex Gordon will be joining the Omaha Royals for one game on his rehab assignment, and that one game is tomorrow. As of yesterday evening, something like 18,000 tickets had already been sold – not all because of Gordon, of course, but because this was to be one of our two biggest nights anyway. Are you going to be at Rosenblatt on Friday night?

How to attend The Alex Gordon/Fireworks game if you are a casual fan:

Hey, we understand that not everyone can come to a bunch of ORoyals games every year. A lot people come to just this one, and that’s cool with us. But you can enjoy yourself a lot more if you are prepared.

Before the game:

  • Go to an ATM before you get to the ballpark, because there’s only one ATM at Rosenblatt and the line for it is going to be CRAZY. Yes, many of the concession stands take credit cards, but being armed with cash gives you more options and allows you to get food/drinks from your seats.

  • Speaking of “your seats,” do you know where you’ll be sitting? Take a look at your ticket before you get in to the gates. If you know where you’re going, foot traffic in the concourses and walkways will move a lot more smoothly. The alphabet, and the numbering system for the blue box seats, start in right field. Is your seat in section B? Turn right when you get out to the walkway. Are you in section P? Then hang a left.
  • Get to the park early, if you can. Give yourself time to figure out what you’re going to want for dinner, and where those food items are. Traditional ballpark fare – hot dogs, brats, sodas, etc. – are all around the main concourse, but there are specialty foods too. Omaha Steak hamburgers are out front, along with ice cream, popcorn, chicken and fries, cotton candy, and so on. If you’re craving Famous Dave’s, that’s along the first-base side of the concourse, behind section ‘E’ or thereabouts. Need a smoothie or a funnel cake? Those are way up along the third base side. The concourse will be crowded, so familiarize yourself with the food options and drinking fountain locations before the game starts. You’ll be able to spend more time in your seats watching the action that way.
  • Make sure your kids know where to go if they get lost. Show them where the Fan Services station is, or pick your own meeting place in case anyone gets separated from the group.
  • The game is more meaningful if you know who the guys on the field are. You could print off a roster at home, or check out a team program – complete with scorecard – for only $2.

During the game:

  • Find the promotions staff. We’re the girls in the red jerseys and
    blue shorts, and we have several giveaways throughout every game – t-shirts, rally towels. Keep
    an eye and an ear out between innings, and if it’s time for a giveaway,
    stand up and make some noise!

  • Make every trip count. The concourse will be full of fans, so every trip away from your seats means you’ll miss some action on the field.
  • Watch the Bucket Boys. They’ll be performing on the dugout tops a few times throughout the game, and they are awesome, so be sure you’re watching for them.
  • Make noise! Stomp, clap, chant, whatever – just be loud, and keep it family-friendly. As part of one of the biggest crowds of the year, you have a unique opportunity to make some historic levels of noise for the O-Royals. The players are pumped that such a huge crowd will be there to support them Friday, so get LOUD for them!

If you have further questions…don’t be afraid to ask the staff. The ushers wear green t-shirts, so they’re easy to find. Food vendors wear yellow shirts, the Powerade Power Team (the on-field promotions team) wears the red jerseys and blue shorts. I don’t know what the front office staff will be wearing, but they all wear matching colors and have radios in their ears, so you’ll be able to spot them. Every staff member is willing to field whatever questions you have, so don’t be shy, come talk to us. See you at the ballpark!

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