Jul 01

It’s July, so come watch Alex Gordon at Rosenblatt

Lots of people have been asking me (and and I’ve been passing the questions on to the Omaha front office personnel, just for y’all) – what’s up with Alex Gordon? Will he play in Omaha? Heck, those questions started as soon as Gordon got hurt.

The deal: Gordon will be joining the O-Royals on Friday, July 3 – my birthday. We’re already expecting somewhere around 20,000 fans for the annual Independence Day shindig, and the fact that Gordon is playing ONLY Friday’s game with Omaha will only add to the mania.

If you have tickets already, consider yourself lucky. I’m grateful to be working that night, so I didn’t have to try and fend for tickets…I’m told that even players’ wives had to get their ticket requests in extra-early. When even the wives think a game is a “hot ticket”….it’s a hot ticket.

This afternoon, Omaha continued an odd season with a 9-0 win. It’s the team’s 11th shutout of the season, which leads the league, but…the ORoyals have an overall record of just 31-47. So roughly one of every three wins this year has been a shutout.

John Buck caught for Kyle Davies, and – more significantly – stayed in the game as catcher for all 9 innings. His defense was fine, save for a foul pop that he probably should have gotten to in the 9th inning. It wasn’t egregious, though. He also threw out a runner trying to steal 2nd, but that should be attributed to poor baserunning, not a good throw.

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