Aug 18

What does Gordon do to Omaha’s infield?

Alex Gordon will join Omaha Wednesday night in Tacoma, which means the already-crowded Omaha infield might see some changes.

The O-Royals’ current bunch of middle-infielders includes Luis Hernandez, Tug Hulett, Mario Lisson, Travis Metcalf, and Irving Falu – although Falu also plays outfield.

Luis Hernandez has played shortstop exclusively since being demoted from the big club. He has a good, albeit powerless, line so far, batting .316/.368/.409. His defense is passable, I guess, especially for Triple-A. He’s a switch-hitter, and can bunt better than your average Royal, for whatever that’s worth.

Tug Hulett, with the exception of the last handful of games, has hit extremely well since his most recent demotion. His overall line for Omaha is .300/.391/.491. He’s also one of the more diverse defenders of the group, playing in right field, at shortstop, third base and second base this year.

Mario Lisson, of whom I’m a big fan for some reason, has been used at third base fairly often lately, but the vast majority of his games at AAA have been at shortstop. He really hasn’t hit well since his promotion from NWArk (.225/.273/.378), but then again, he really wasn’t THAT great a hitter at AA, either – .206/.287/.279. I feel like he might be the odd man out when Gordon arrives, and get moved back down to double-A.

Travis Metcalf
should perhaps thank his lucky stars that Ryan Shealy has been hurt all season. His ability to occasionally fill in at first might save him from being bumped from the roster tonight. His defense at third is not inspiring, nor is his bat – unless you are inspired by watching a batter swing at everything.

Lastly, we have Irving Falu. I think that his spot on the Omaha roster is safe because he has played 22 games in the outfield, and the team is more in need of outfielders than usual now that Jordan Parraz* is on the DL and Chris Lubanski hasn’t played since August 11.

*I’m a HUGE fan of Parraz. I cannot believe we got him for Tyler Lumsden. Even if Parraz never reaches the Majors, this appears to be quite a steal.

The Gordon demotion surprised me, and I don’t know how much good 3 weeks in the minors can really do him at this point. But it sure is a convenient coincidence that his arb clock could be delayed until 2013 now, isn’t it? So VERY convenient.

Sorry I still haven’t been posting as much. Things have been pretty crazy with job training and whatnot, but classes start Monday so hopefully I’ll settle into some kind of “normal” routine again.

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