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May 16

Quick link: Thoughts on Fred White at Ladies…

Yesterday was a sad day for Royals fans. I shared some memories of Fred White over at Ladies….   It feels a little bit like a loss within the family, doesn’t it?

May 05

Omaha wins 2-1 in 10; David Lough es en fuego

I don't know who's giving that big hug to Falu - I think it's David Lough. Which, awwww.

This was a fantastic game. Chris Dwyer was excellent again, using his curveball to keep the Redbirds off the board completely for 6.1 innings. Like his last home start, he did not get a double-yoo. That went to Louis Coleman, who got the BS/W combo. Coleman was actually good in his 2.2 innings, though he …

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Mar 20

How to dress for an April game in Omaha: a PSA in the style of a blatantly obvious Lifehacker post

Sometimes, Lifehacker is useful. Other times, its staff members provide us with painfully obvious advice couched as a genius new tip. In my offseason boredom, I’ve decided to bring you some advice in the style of the latter. When you watch a Spring Training game, or attend one, you notice that a typical fan outfit …

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Oct 04

The last lineup of the 2012 season: In pictures

For an eternity leading up to this spring, 2012 was supposed to be the year The Process came to a head. “Mission 2012” was officially a Thing in the newspaper. But, here we are, for lots of reasons. Injuries happened. I’m tempted – and as the offseason wears on I might give in to this …

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Sep 28

Dancing With the Stars and the second wild card


If you don’t watch ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ 1) you should, but 2) here’s some background: This season, for the first time, the cast of celebrity dancers is made up of stars who have already been on the show. Many of them are champions from past seasons. (And then there’s Pamela Anderson, not sure why. …

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Aug 11

A quick Salvador Perez story

Biggest smile in the Majors

Joel Goldberg just interviewed Lisa Stranahan in the stands during the Royals/O’s game. She used to be Salvador Perez’s host mom. In June, when Perez was here in Omaha, Lisa reached out to me in an email thanking me for putting up pictures of Perez, and she asked me to tell him hello for her. …

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Aug 04

Get a load of these jerseys: the Organ Donation Special

Are you an organ donor? Not enough people are, so to raise awareness, the Storm Chasers are wearing THESE. You can see all my pictures from tonight over on Flickr. Or just check out a few more below!   ¬†UPDATE: Are you here from CBS? Welcome! Feel free to look around. Here is some of …

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Jun 08

The greatest picture in the history of whatever

Irving Falu and Kevin Kouzmanoff, presented without further comment:    

May 15

Link of the Day: Storm Chasers player cards, by me!

For some reason, I didn’t shout this off the rooftops, even though it has been extremely exciting for me: The Storm Chasers hired me to take the photos for their 2012 player cards. So, for the first homestand-plus, I ran all over the ballpark, taking pictures of each player. It was actually the project I …

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May 13

You’ve got to be kidding me

I'm sorry, what did you say? Am I misreading that headline?

Below is a screengrab from a story. I can’t even wrap my head around this editorial decision.  

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