Mar 20

How to dress for an April game in Omaha: a PSA in the style of a blatantly obvious Lifehacker post

Sometimes, Lifehacker is useful. Other times, its staff members provide us with painfully obvious advice couched as a genius new tip. In my offseason boredom, I’ve decided to bring you some advice in the style of the latter.

When you watch a Spring Training game, or attend one, you notice that a typical fan outfit is shorts, a tank, and sandals. Don’t let reality slap you in the face when the regular season begins in Omaha on April 12.

The forecast for Omaha on Opening Day calls for a high of 64. That’s pretty nice, but if you show up to the ballpark dressed for 64 degrees, you’re going to find your teeth chattering during the later innings. To avoid freezing after the sun sets, consider checking the hourly forecast before heading to the ballpark, and dress for the temperature that’s forecast for 10 or 11 p.m., not what it is when you hop in the car.

This may seem obvious to people who go to a lot of baseball games, but this can really help you avoid being distracted by cold temps in late innings.

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