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May 15

Link of the Day: Storm Chasers player cards, by me!

For some reason, I didn’t shout this off the rooftops, even though it has been extremely exciting for me: The Storm Chasers hired me to take the photos for their 2012 player cards. So, for the first homestand-plus, I ran all over the ballpark, taking pictures of each player. It was actually the project I …

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Apr 02

A plea for help (via shopping!) for an incredible non-profit

If you have kids, you know how expensive it is to keep them in clothes that fit – and it can be tricky even if you’ve got a steady income. Imagine a place where kids from struggling families could get clean clothes that fit, completely for free, from infancy throughout childhood. Doesn’t that place sound …

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Jan 12

Announcement: Job change and media creds

A year ago today, I got word from the Royals that I had been chosen to help represent the blog community at FanFest. So I suppose January 12 is a good day for nice announcements. A few months ago, I decided that after five seasons with the Omaha Storm Chasers (nee Royals), it was time …

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Sep 16

Announcing the Amazon pledge drive: A small favor that’s a HUGE help

Some websites have pledge drives. Baseball Musings, notably, has a huge annual fund drive, and Pinto most definitely deserves it for all the work he does. I’m not going to do that. What I would love from you guys is a different kind of pledge: I would be honored if you pledged your Amazon shopping …

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