Sep 16

Announcing the Amazon pledge drive: A small favor that’s a HUGE help

Beautiful Werner Park

If you like my pretty pictures, consider pledging your shopping to Royal Blues

Some websites have pledge drives. Baseball Musings, notably, has a huge annual fund drive, and Pinto most definitely deserves it for all the work he does. I’m not going to do that. What I would love from you guys is a different kind of pledge:

I would be honored if you pledged your Amazon shopping to me.

It’s easy! There’s a ‘Deal of the Day’ box over on the right side of the page.* Even if you don’t want the day’s Deal, go ahead and click through to Amazon from there. By doing so, a cut from any purchase you make on Amazon in that session will go to me. This is possible via Amazon Associates, in which I choose to participate so that you guys don’t have to look at ads.

*if you can’t see it, check your AdBlock settings.

Alternately, you can just bookmark this link, and use it instead of just regular Amazon.com when you go shopping. The “royblu-20” at the end of the URL is my Associate ID, so that’s what to look for if you want to double-check that your purchases will help me. Important note: This does not affect the prices of your purchases at all. Amazon does not charge you anything extra – they share a cut with Associates in exchange for the referrals.

The funding would be tremendously helpful for stuff like student loans and bills, and the occasional computer upgrade. (Example: Right now, I’m in the market for a RAM upgrade for my trusty laptop, which is almost three years old.)

Again – this would not cost you anything. Just do the shopping that you would normally do on Amazon, but use my link instead of just regular Amazon.com. Beyond that, you’re welcome to let me know you’re shopping “for” me, but you’re also welcome to keep it to yourself, warm and secure in the knowledge that you are doing a broke blogger a huge favor.

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4 pings

  1. Mark LaFlamme

    I use Amazon quite a lot. Doesn’t matter to me if I get there through here. Glad to do it.

    1. Minda Haas

      Thanks, Mark!

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