Sep 18

Weekend Shopper – NFL week 2

[Note: Time for a new feature. Nobody paid me to feature any of these items, for the record.]

The Chiefs might look awful so far, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Here are some Chiefs things to buy this weekend. I found them on Amazon. Remember, anything you purchase on Amazon after clicking on these featured links will send some dough my way, so go forth and stimulate the economy!

Simple and to the point, plus, of course you look good in dark grey. Everyone does!

I wish I had had one of these in Palm Springs, because I burned my hands on my steering wheel, like, every other day. Never got around to buying one, though.

This looks comfortable, and it is on sale!

Do you need a Chiefs gnome? Probably not, but secretly, you kind of want one. I see that look in your eyes.

I doubt these have the super-best sound quality, but they look pretty cool, and that is something. Also, they are nine bucks right now.

Oh, and here’s a bonus Royals item for any recently procreative Royals fans you may know:

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