Aug 11

A quick Salvador Perez story

Joel Goldberg just interviewed Lisa Stranahan in the stands during the Royals/O’s game. She used to be Salvador Perez’s host mom.

In June, when Perez was here in Omaha, Lisa reached out to me in an email thanking me for putting up pictures of Perez, and she asked me to tell him hello for her. So the next day, I did just that. He lit up instantly when I mentioned Lisa, and he just kept saying “I love her! She’s my mom! I love her!” and smilingĀ  really big like this:

Lisa affectionately described Perez in an email as a giant five-year-old. Sounds about right.

I’m so glad FSKC chose to highlight Lisa, so that we can take a minute to appreciate how much host families do for Minor Leaguers. Whether hosting a future superstar like Perez or a young player who never makes it to the show, host families make it possible for so many guys to chase their dreams.

To any host families who might be reading this: THANK YOU!

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  1. KCAstrosFan

    This rocks Minda! Thanks!

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