Sep 09

Two quick notes

Manuel Pina.1) I’m about to change up the look of the site, so you have my sincere apologies¬† if things look wonky during the change. I’m at a dangerous level of HTML knowledge – I know enough to want to tinker with everything, but not enough that it always works smoothly.

UPDATE: The makeover is done. Holler if you love it/hate it/whatever!

2) I mentioned this on Twitter already, but: It came to my attention that the Omaha catcher Manuel Pina – who drove in four runs in Omaha’s 7-2 victory tonight – actually hates being called Manny. So, I have started calling him Manuel. The Manny tag on Flickr still lives, because that’s what people search for. I’m just putting it out there that he prefers Manuel.

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