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Jan 05

A gift/resource for Royals bloggers and fans


Looking for a way to spice up your blog? How about something to paste all over your windows so you don’t have to look at that terrible snow outside? Then have I got a deal for you! For the low, low price of proper attribution, I give you – yes, YOU! – my entire collection …

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Nov 03

Nobody goes to AFL games; Keith Law tries to explain why

Billy Butler: also an AFL alum. Photo by me.

Even though the MLB season is over, there’s still baseball happening, including the league that is pretty much a direct funnel into the Majors. Wait, let me be more specific: Major League greatness is born in this league. Derek Jeter. Albert Pujols. Roy Halladay. Mike Piazza. You have probably guessed by now that I’m talking …

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Oct 12

Re: Will Carroll and stat geeks

I coldheartedly calculated the variables necessary to make this image happen. Because I am a robot.

I knew I wanted to respond to Will Carroll’s grumpy tirade against number-crunching baseball geeks. But first, I had to watch Jeopardy. Because I’m a nerd, I like to keep a tally of my correct answers and figure out how much money I could’ve won if I had been the one on the Jeopardy set. …

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Sep 05

I guess it’s time to write that farewell to the Blatt…


Three gut-wrenching one-run losses to Iowa last week pretty much spelled doom for the O-Royals’ playoff chances, but it was still technically possible for them to play some bonus baseball. So, like any longtime battered Royals fan, I held on to that sliver of token hope. But now, that cruel little ‘E’ is there in …

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Sep 02

Final game at Rosenblatt Stadium tonight…

These sweet/ominous storm clouds eventually dumped on the Blatt Tuesday night.

It’s hard to believe this day is actually here. I’ve tried all season to figure out how I feel about historic Rosenblatt Stadium going away, and I’ve wondered what this day would be like. So far, it’s normal: I’m half-listening to a class lecture and wishing I had eaten breakfast. Pretty typical. But what will …

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Aug 25

What the heck do I DO for the ORoyals? Part II

That's my sharp-dressed boss, Ben Hemmen.

Yesterday I walked you through what I do when I get to the stadium, up until the game starts. Here’s the rest. Hopefully by the time our Kid of the Game is finished taking the lineup card to the umpires, we’ve got our own lineup card filled out with a great crop of contestants. Assuming …

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Aug 25

What the heck do I DO for the ORoyals? Part I


I refer frequently to my job with the Omaha Royals, but it occurs to me that I’ve never really outlined what I actually DO there. So, here’s that. Today is the pregame duties; Part II will be the in-game and post-game stuff. 90 or more minutes before first pitch: Arrive and head toward the “promo …

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May 25

Jordan Parraz and the importance of the first pitch

I’ll start with a cute story, because I can. Sunday before the O-Royals took the field against the Salt Lake Bees, I sat near the Omaha dugout and got the camera ready for the game. Next to me was a little girl, maybe 5 years old, collecting Royals autographs. As each new player came toward …

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Apr 28

VIDEO: O-Royals players talk about life as minor leaguers

I made this video for a school project this week. Big thanks to the ORoyals for giving me a press pass, and to the players for their wonderful interviews. I wish I didn’t have a 2-minute time limit, because there was LOTS of other good stuff. Enjoy! (In order of appearance are RF Jordan Parraz, …

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Feb 09

How to abuse stats to start a Steroid Rumor

This post is what happens when it’s February and I notice something silly on a B-R page. I apologize in advance. Opponents of advanced stats like to say that you can manipulate the numbers to make any argument sound true, and that watching the sport day in and day out is the only way to …

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