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Oct 12

Re: Will Carroll and stat geeks

I coldheartedly calculated the variables necessary to make this image happen. Because I am a robot.

I knew I wanted to respond to Will Carroll’s grumpy tirade against number-crunching baseball geeks. But first, I had to watch Jeopardy. Because I’m a nerd, I like to keep a tally of my correct answers and figure out how much money I could’ve won if I had been the one on the Jeopardy set. …

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Jul 11

In which Willie Bloomquist and Bob Dutton have TOTALLY LOST IT

From the Kansas City Star this evening: If the reaction of once-and-future teammates is any indication, the Royals pulled off a steal of a trade Friday afternoon in acquiring shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt from Seattle for two minor-league pitchers. “Wow! Really?” said Willie Bloomquist, who spent the previous four years as Betancourt’s teammate. “He’s very, very …

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