Jul 11

In which Willie Bloomquist and Bob Dutton have TOTALLY LOST IT

From the Kansas City Star this evening:

If the reaction of once-and-future teammates is any indication, the Royals pulled off a steal of a trade Friday afternoon in acquiring shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt from Seattle for two minor-league pitchers.
“Wow! Really?” said Willie Bloomquist, who spent the previous four years as Betancourt’s teammate. “He’s very, very talented to the point where — and I’ve told him this — he could be the best defensive shortstop in the game hands down. 

 “And offensively, he can swing it.”

Do NOT make me try to FJM this. Just don’t. Are Bloomquist – and Dutton, for using the quotes – out of their feeping minds?!? 

Things that are wrong with this lede and quote:
-The notion that this trade was somehow a “steal” for anyone other than Seattle
-That ANYONE would react to it by exclaiming “Wow!” in a positive way.
-“Very, very talented.”
-“Best defensive shortstop in the game”
-“Best defensive shortstop in the game,” and yes I did intend to list that twice. It’s THAT wrong.
-“He can swing it.”
I didn’t even read the rest of the story. Please tell me it included Bob Dutton revealing that the first two paragraphs were an elaborate joke, just like the trade itself. Please?

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  1. Ray W

    No but you missed this,
    “Come on…” pitcher Gil Meche said when informed of the trade. “He’s pretty darn good. He’s fun to play with. I can tell you that pitching against him — he’s not an easy guy to pitch to. He’s got some pop.
    “And as far as playing shortstop, he’s one of the best I’ve seen. He makes tough plays look really easy.”

  2. Ray W

    Oh here are some more amazing qoutes,
    “The bottom line is he’s an upgrade for our team today,” general manager Dayton Moore said. “And based on other opportunities that we have evaluated for the next year or two, he’s an upgrade there as well.
    “He’s a very talented shortstop with a chance to make an impact with the glove and the bat. He’s somebody who has always hit a lot of doubles. His on-base percentage is something that’s lacking, but he’s a career .279 hitter.”
    “For two minor-league pitchers?” said outfielder José Guillen, who spent 2007 with the Mariners. “Are you serious? How weird is that? I’m totally surprised. That’s all I can tell you. I’m shocked. That kid is pretty darn good.”

  3. Jeff P.

    Why not finish the season with Bloomquist and then try to find a replacement? Why not just promote Bianchi, I bet he would out hit Betancourt. Anything other than this.

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