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Oct 05

Ryan Shealy: Where is he now?

Most ballplayers get the chance to “audition” for new teams when they’re facing free agency. They can point at their hitting accomplishments as if to say to potential suitors, “Sign me. This is what I can do for you!” Ryan Shealy didn’t get that chance. Instead, he spent a chunk of his season on crutches,and …

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Jul 16

The one where I get smoked in the face by a pitch

(Alternate title: Oh hey, Erin Andrews and I have something in common!) After yet another long road trip – plus the All-Star Break – the Omaha Royals returned to Rosenblatt. It was Thirsty Thursday (where beers are $1 and there are plenty of them), and Kyle Davies was scheduled to pitch, so Omaha fans had …

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Jan 16

How sabermetrically inclined is KC’s front office?

It’s winter, it’s cold out, and I just don’t feel like thinking about Willie Bloomquist or straw and camels’ backs, or whether the Royals’ region of Blogfrica has become too negative. (My personal one-sentence stance on that debate: Yes, I have written negative things this offseason, but that’s because I don’t live on Fantasy Island.) …

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