Jan 21

FanFest odds and ends

I’ve met bloggers in real life before, but never experienced anything quite like this! It is strange to say things about spending $11 at Taco Bell out loud, and have the person standing next to me understand what the heck I’m talking about. Or to stand around sipping beers and breaking down the swings of Royals minor leaguers. And by “strange,” I mean AWESOME.

-Today was just for season ticket holders, so it wasn’t insanely crowded.

Season Ticket Holders vying for freebies


-To the guy who exclaimed: “I love your blog!” to me as you walked by: You’re awesome. Thanks for that ego boost!

-Dayton Moore just roamed the floor for part of the evening. Whatever your opinion of him as a general manager…that is pretty admirable.

-Moore only mentioned the Gil Meche $12.4 million thing in passing, but it was easy to see in his face that he was still sort of reeling from the gesture. Seriously: athletes just don’t DO that. It was one of the first genuinely surprising things to happen in sports in a long time.

-There is a sculpture (?) on the wall in the OPCC that, when viewed from below, looks like golden bacon!

Golden Bacon!!!!!

Golden Bacon!! OM NOM NOM

-There is also this painting, for some reason.


Click for larger...if you dare.

-Mike Swanson kept mistakenly referring to “real” reporters instead of using the more polite “mainstream” or whatever. It was funny.

FSKC interview


-I was interviewed about the Digital Digest experience by FSKC. Ben Hemmen (my boss!) tweeted this picture of me getting interviewed.

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  1. Jeff

    Cool stuff! Hope you had/have a good time in KC

  2. Daniel

    That was me who yelled, “I love your blog!”

    You’re the only one of the Royals bloggers adventurous to put your picture on it so I was actually able to recognize you. :)

    1. Minda Haas

      You rock!

      I had to swear to the group that I did NOT pay you to say that. :-)

  3. Daniel

    Too funny!

    I was wanting to meet Nick Scott and tell him I also love his podcast, but it dawned on me I had zero idea what he looked like and I didn’t want start asking every 20/30-something in the building, “Are you Nick Scott?”

  4. Mark LaFlamme

    Dammit, I was going to take credit for the “Love your blog!” comment. Even though I was in Maine Thursday. Ah, well. Great write up, Minda. Somehow, I lost the subscription to your blog. And here I thought you were just taking the winter off. All subscribed again, anyway.
    Love your blog!

  5. Matt

    I had seen you walking around with that group of people but didn’t know who you were, or who any of them were. I figured you were all probably front-office Royals’ people or something. So I didn’t say anything. Sorry. I’ll be there tomorrow wearing Naturals gear. So say hi if you see me!

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