Jan 14

Five Foto Friday: The Mike Jirschele edition

Every Friday* of the baseball offseason, I will highlight five photos I’ve taken in the past year. Hopefully this will help us all get through the harsh, cruel winter.

*except the weeks where I don’t realize it’s already Friday until it’s too late.

This week, we’ll look at Omaha Storm Chasers manager Mike Jirschele, who is being immortalized in the Central Wisconsin Baseball Hall of Fame in a few weeks. Yes, immortalized. Click any image for larger version(s).

Jirschele with the Kid of the Game

Awww. Here's Jirsch with the Kid of the Game.

Mike Jirschele

Adorbz. But don't tell him I said that.

69 JirschFight2

THIS is the Jirsch we know and love. Arguing with umpires!

"No, YOU'RE awesome!"

With Kila. "No, YOU'RE awesome!"

RF Jordan Parraz pointing at

Having his butt pointed at. Yeah, I don't know either.

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