Jan 19

Last call: Questions for FanFest

Tomorrow is the bloggy portion of the Royals FanFest. I’ve been gathering questions for the last week, but most of them are for Dayton Moore.

So, I’ll put this out there: What do you want me to ask of Ned Yost, Jeff Francoeur and Billy Butler?

I’ll gather questions until about 11:30 Thursday morning, when I leave Lincoln. Bring it on!

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  1. Brian K

    Ask Ned Yost if he is going to put players that have put up good OBP in the past at the top of the order, or if he values “speed” more there.

    1. Minda Haas

      I had *just* finished writing down a similar question. Good to know we’re all on similar wavelengths. :)

  2. Darin

    Minda, I do have one question for Dayton, although it may have already occurred to you. Could you please ask him to reconcile his statements on the value of OBP with the fact that most of his acquistions don’t exactly excel in that area? I trust you to ask it in a nice way, because I’m not trying to be confrontational, I’m really curious as to whether he takes it into consideration or if he feels the market has priced some of those guys out of the Royals’ range.

    Also, for Ned, I’d like to know if he feels Luke Hochevar is ready to be a top-of-the-rotation guy, since it appears he will be. I’m sure he’ll say he is, but perhaps he’ll expand on that some.

    Oh, and I suppose you can ask both of them this, is there any chance Robinson Tejeda will be considered for the rotation in spring training? I found it odd I never heard the possibility mentioned this winter, despite the obvious holes in the rotation.

    Congrats on getting picked for this! I’m looking forward to your write-up!

    1. Minda Haas

      Great questions, Darin. Adding them to the list!

      I have no idea how long we have, or even exactly what the format is, so who knows whether I’ll be able to get to that OBP question, but I REALLY want to.

  3. Kathleen

    I do think you should ask each of them the “Have you ever spent $11 at Taco Bell on only your own food?” question (depending on how much time you get with them, of course). Or some other silly, royalsreview-tangent question. We have a lot of freaking tangents over there, but that one seems to be the most harmless.

    1. Minda Haas

      Oh, I definitely want to do the $11 question. Hopefully I can make it through with a straight face.

  4. Matt

    It’s tough for me to think of any questions for the players that either wouldn’t be at least mildly insulting to them or that wouldn’t receive a cliche answer. I would mostly be interested in how they feel the Royals’ offseason moves compares to the rest of the AL Central. But that will get a cliche response too, I’m sure.

    Also, be careful getting down here. It’s not supposed to stop snowing until about noon. Hopefully the streets will be cleared well enough before you get to town. I will be at the event too (the STH thing, not the blogger deal). Do you get to check out the rest of the Fan Fest?

    1. Minda Haas

      Yeah, I’m awful at asking players anything that’s not dumb.

      I’m leaving SUPER early so I can drive slowly. I don’t want to let the weather erase this fun opportunity for me! I’ll be around for the entire weekend, especially now that I’ve seen the list of players who will only be around on Saturday.

      1. Matt

        I’m more afraid of saying things to them that would make them want to punch me in the face. I’ve never met Billy so I don’t know if he’s the type to get easily offended.
        Yeah, I saw the list for Saturday. My sole purpose before hearing that was to meet George Brett and see if all the stories of him are true. But now it’s changed to meeting the younger guys.

        1. Minda Haas

          If you can, make an effort to meet Mike Moustakas. He’s DEFINITELY a character, in addition to his on-field skills. Love that guy.

  5. Matt

    He is actually the guy I’d like to meet most. I hope they bring him up this year. But I suppose that will be determined by how well Betemit does.

  6. BrettFan1

    Ask Billy if he is planning to change his approach to generate more fly-balls this year (and hopefully more homeruns). Also, ask Francoeur if he thinks that the local airports should change their flight patterns to help him avoid swinging at low-flying planes while he is at-bat ;)

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