Jan 18

Gil Meche to retire

Gil Meche

Gil Meche in Omaha last summer

According to Mike Swanson, Gil Meche is announcing his retirement from baseball today. My computer time is limited right now, but I had these initial thoughts:

1) Daaaaaaamn.

First and foremost, I’m bummed for the guy. I will always cherish Gil’s very first start in a Royals uniform, a 7.1 inning gem against Boston on Opening Day of 2007. I was there, and it was one of my favorite days of my entire life.  And he followed that by throwing two seasons where he was worth well above what the Royals were paying him. I think some people may forget this now, but Meche in 2007 and 2008 was a really, really good pitcher.

Beyond that, Gil seemd like a likable, classy human being. Or at the very least, he was smart enough to keep quiet and stay out of people’s way.

2) Money in the bank!

Even with Gil on the roster, the Royals were heading into the 2011 season with a teeny-tiny payroll. Now, lots of money is suddenly freed up. I’m not sure if I want GMDM to go out and spend that $12 million just because he can, but the money is THERE. That’s ultimately a good thing, I think.

3) Roster space!

From now through the end of Spring Training, lots of guys will be vying for one of those few roster spaces in the bullpen. Gil’s departure will give an opportunity for someone to log more time – and earn some rent money – for an extended period in the Majors. If nobody’s ready, Item #2 allows Moore to grab a veteran reliever during Spring Training to hold down the fort until a prospect like Tim Collins or Louis Coleman or Blaine Hardy is ready to come up.


Though I’m sad to see Gil go, ultimately this is a good thing for the Royals. The empty roster space and freed-up money will likely provide more value than Meche would have as a $12 million bullpen arm.

Here’s the incredibly classy statement from Meche. I wish him the very best in whatever he does next. It can’t be easy to walk away.

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