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Jun 13

Breaking: Tug Hulett up again? Mrs. Disco says yes!

The lovely wife of Omaha (!) reliever Disco Hayes told me earlier this evening that she ran into Tug Hulett in the team hotel, and Hulett said he was on his way up to join the Big club. I haven’t seen this anywhere else yet (although I have been away from the computer watching some …

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Jun 10

Breaking: Disco Hayes to Omaha!

According to KCSP’s Greg Schaum, the Royals have promoted reliever Chris ‘Disco’ Hayes to AAA Omaha. Hayes will join the O-Royals as they embark on their annual 2+ week road trip during the College World Series. Hayes, 26, was off to a dominating start in his second season at AA Northwest Arkansas, posting a 0.98 …

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Jun 06

Ho-Ram being DFA’d is surprisingly correct

After deciding that getting out of bed at 9:00 this morning wasn’t going to work for me (oh, what a hard life!) I took an extended nap. And when I woke up a second time, my phone was full of various Tweets about the Royals designating Horacio Ramirez for assignment. This was absolutely the correct …

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May 12

Breaking: Jose Duarte promoted to Omaha

Just got word from Greg Schaum…To fill a void left by Mitch Maier being in the Majors and Shane Costa and Chris Lubanski being on the disabled list, outfielder Jose Duarte has been promoted to Omaha, effective right…now. The 24-year-old Duarte was batting .250 in 28 games at Northwest Arkansas with 3 doubles, a triple, …

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May 12

ORoyals notes: Shealy hurt, Rosa’s weird season, etc.

Ryan Shealy sat out the last four games, and I wasn’t sure why. Turns out (via Greg Schaum) that Shealy has hurt his knee, but he doesn’t know what he did to it. My guesses were much scarier after Shealy disappeared from the dugout during yesterday’s game. I wondered if he had been traded, or …

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Apr 21

Bannister up!

AHEM. Not to toot my own horn here, but…. 2) Bannister will be called up, and was being limited to only 30ish pitches in order to fit him into the KC schedule more easily. With an off day tomorrow and Sidney Ponson scheduled to go on Tuesday, perhaps there’s an opening for someone to start …

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