May 22

Storm Chasers lose to Bees, but here’s a picture of Ryan Eigsti in a ketchup hat

He borrowed it from the promotions staff.

Wil Myers went 0-3 with a walk and a strikeout. He led off the 8th with a fly ball to deep center that looked like it could have been his first AAA home run, but fell a bit short.

There really wasn’t much offense of which to speak. Tony Abreu tripled in the 8th, but was stranded.

On the other side of the ball, Mike Montgomery was serviceable, but not dominant. He threw 6 innings with three walks and four strikeouts. He gave up three runs, all on a homer in the 2nd by SLC CF Matt Long.

Francisley Bueno continued his fantastic season with a two-inning outing. He allowed no hits and no walks, and struck out four Bees. Coming into tonight, Bueno had struck out a little more than a batter per inning.

A special birthday shoutout goes to current Bee and former O-Royal Ed Lucas, who turned 30. For an idea as to why Lucas is one of my favorite people in baseball, check out the answers he gave me when I interviewed him about life in the minors a couple years ago. (His interview is about halfway down the page.)

Happy Birthday!

good night from Werner Park…Ryan Verdugo starts tomorrow for hopefully one of the last times as a Storm Chaser. It’s getting to be time to see what he can do in the Bigs, no?

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  1. KCAstrosFan

    It has been great hearing from you in Omaha Minda!

    As someone that sees the team everyday, what is your sense of Montgomery’s confidence level at the moment? Considering he is on the brink of the big leagues and considered by some to be the savior of the pitching staff (of the franchise?) he is probably not used to anything short of dominating the opposition. Is he receptive to the adjustments he needs to make/is making?

    I for one am eagerly anticipating not only Monty’s arrival but Jake and Dwyer and Verdugo… Somebody to dull the pain of watching the gas-can some refer to as Hoch take the hill every fifth day.

    On another note I see Kouzmanoff is still on the roster. As a veteran, hasn’t the deadline for his release or call-up passed? At least in the pictures you take he seems to be a great fit for the AAA roster – the consummate veteran and one-time prospect that every organization needs.

    1. Minda Haas

      Thank you!

      You know, I don’t think I’m qualified to analyze Montgomery’s confidence level – I’ll leave the conjecturing about feelings and body language to Rex Hudler. I can ask Monty how he’s handling things, if the opportunity arises. I know that coaches were working with him this spring to soften his landing, thus making his delivery more repeatable, but I can’t see for sure whether that has stuck.

      I think Verdugo is likely get a look soon, despite the perplexing lack of hype he’s received.

      As for Kouz, yes, the deadline for him was May 15. Guess there weren’t any big league opportunities for him, but he is of great value to the Omaha team.

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