May 24

A tale of David Lough and triumph and woe

David Lough now owns the club record for career triples, with one in the 8th inning of Omaha’s 5-2 win over Salt Lake. Big congratulations to him!

I was only about 30 feet from 3rd base when he slid in safely and captured the record. I was in the middle of an experiment with shutter speed, trying to reduce the blurriness caused by motion that is often a problem after sundown. So here’s Lough preparing to step in to the box:

Like I said, I was experimenting, so it's dark. I know.

I tired to follow Lough around the bases, extending my experiment with various camera settings.

the operative word is "tried."

Once I realized Lough was going for third, I had to scramble to get around the railing of the dugout steps and adjust the focus so it was somewhere in the vicinity of third base. That…didn’t quite happen.

We wanted to look at those pretty billboards back there, right?

So…yeah. This kind of thing is why I say I’m a “picture-taker,” not a “photographer.” And it sucks that Lough doesn’t get a sweet picture to commemorate his accomplishment.

Bullet points:

  • Wil Myers homered to left again tonight. Though the wind was blowing out that way, he didn’t need it. It went even further than his first one – and that one cleared the AT&T Home Run Porch.
  • Clint Robinson and Tony Abreu also homered for Omaha.
  • Odorizzi was quite good, going 6 innings with 7 Ks and zero walks, and six hits. Five Bees hitters flied out, and on a windy day like this, any ball hit in the air has the potential to turn into disaster. But none fell in or flew out for SLC against Odorizzi.
  • Francisley Bueno and Tommy Hottovy needed just 28 pitches to get through the final three innings.


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