Apr 17

Omaha bullpen has pitched more innings than the rotation. PROBLEM.

Ethan Hollingsworth

Ethan Hollingsworth is one of the handful of relievers who have pitched more than two of Omaha's starters.

I was going to write up something about how heavily taxed the Omaha bullpen is, but I didn’t want to accidentally make a Tax Day pun. And yet, here we are.

Dumb topical puns aside, the Omaha bullpen has had to work awfully hard in the team’s first 12 games. Let’s do this:

Starter: Will Smith – 3.0 innings (he was on a pitch limit, and walked six).
Bullpen innings running total: 6 IP

Starter: Vin Mazzaro – 6.0 strong innings
Running total: 9 IP

Starter: Nathan Adcock – 5.1
Running total: 12.2 IP

Starter: Ryan Verdugo – 3.0
Running total: 18.2 IP

Starter: Mike Montgomery – 4.1
Running total: 23.1 IP

Starter: Will Smith – 4.1 IP in what turned out to be a 16-inning game
Running total: 35 IP

Starter: Vin Mazzaro – 6.0 IP
Running total: 38 IP

Starter: Nathan Adcock – 6.0 IP
Running total: 41 IP

Starter: Ryan Verdugo – 4.0 IP
Running total: 45 IP

Starter: Mike Montgomery – 3.1 IP in a 13-inning game
Running total: 54.2 IP

Starter: Will Smith – 5.1 IP
Running total: 57.1 IP

Starter: Vin Mazzaro – 4.0 IP
Running total: 61.1 IP

So far, the Omaha relievers have had to throw an average of more than five innings every night. To make matters worse, the Chasers lost Louis Coleman to the Majors yesterday, and has not had another reliever added in his absence.  Mike Jirschele is in as tough a position as a manager can be – he is hamstrung by a worn-out bullpen immediately upon starting the season. That’s typically an August or September situation. Meanwhile, most of his starters keep faltering in the early innings (or are on limited pitch counts). Somehow, the team is still 9-3.

If I added this correctly, the starters have pitched only 54.2 innings – so much less than the bullpen, which is problematic on so many levels.

The Chasers are heading to Round Rock for a 4-gamer before coming back home this weekend. Unless the starters get it together in a hurry, the first-place Chasers are almost certainly going to suffer a rough patch.
EDIT: Before anyone points this out, I know – Sean O’Sullivan and Ethan Hollingsworth, and at times Roman Colon, are starters. So it’s not like they are strangers to pitching more than one inning at a time. However, the fact is that they still have a finite number of bullets and those are getting burned fast, and it’s only mid-April. And the starters need to pick up some slack.

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