Apr 21

Some notable Storm Chasers performances: Offense

Tony Abreu

Abreu on his way to first with yet another hit. Photo by me.

The Chasers are coming back to town tonight after a road trip to Albuquerque and Round Rock. Through 16 games, the team is 11-5 and in first place. Given the struggles of the pitching staff, and the enormous burden the bullpen has had to bear, a productive offense has been instrumental in keeping the wins coming.

Tony Abreu: .386/.403/.600
In full-time duty, Abreu has done nothing but hit. He already has six three-hit games, which is so absurd I will say it again: Tony Abreu has played in  15 games this season, and in six of those, he has three hits. The downside to his performance is the has been unintentionally walked just twice, but when you’re hitting THAT often (and also not striking out a ton) I suppose there’s no reason not to swing away.

Abreu is not a prospect in the strictest sense, but he’s definitely good to have on hand in the organization. Because the Royals’ middle infield is crowded, the best bet for Abreu if he keeps hitting is that he’ll be a nice/inexpensive option if some other team finds themselves scrambling for a middle infielder in the next few months.

Max Ramirez: .311/.400/.689
Ramirez’s ridiculous April adds yet another wrinkle to the already-muddy water of what the Royals should do behind the plate when SalvADOR* Perez and ManUEL** Pina return from their surgeries. Obviously, Ramirez won’t keep putting up these numbers forever. He’s among the league leaders in basically every category.

*Not Salvy
**Definitely not Manny – his mother hates that.

Anthony Seratelli: .381/.458/.714
Those are nice numbers, aren’t they? Seratelli has played only part-time so far, and at multiple positions (first, second, and third base), but is making himself difficult to bench. I get the suspicion that the crowded middle infield will be thinned out in the coming weeks, and Seratelli will get more playing time. (Of course, there’s the risk that HE is part of the “thinning out” and goes elsewhere. That would be sad, because the official stance of this blog is that Seratelli is awesome.)

Terry Evans: .421/.500/.789
Evans was brought up from Northwest Arkansas when Jarrod Dyson went to Kansas City and Derrick Robinson hurt his right hamstring. The longtime Cardinals and Angels farmhand started bouncing around a bit last year, spending time in the Phillies and Giants organizations. He landed with Kansas City this March. This is his age 30 season.
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