Apr 22

Pics and notes from another extra-inning win

Omaha wins yet another game (yay!), and yet again they took extra innings to do so (boo.). Enjoy some celebration photos, hot off the presses.

Tony Abreu congratulates Jarrod Dsyon, who drove in the winning run.

Where did his other leg go?

Tony Abreu (6) and David Lough (right) celebrate with Anthony Seratelli, who scored the winning run.

Nashville pulled their left fielder and brought in an extra infielder on the left side to defend against Dyson with the bases loaded in the 13th. Naturally, he hit it he other way for the win.

Kevin Kouzmanoff was apparently bored, and wandered away from the dugout.

Some notes before I head home:
– With Greg Holland going on the disabled list, Jeremy Jeffress was called up. That’s super for him, and I suppose it’s a logical choice, but Omaha can’t really afford to lose more arms. Will we get a replacement arm for him – or Louis Coleman, for that matter?

One option might be Blaine Hardy, who has spent a significant amount of time at Omaha. The rest of the bullpen at Northwest Arkansas is pretty  green, and probably not ready for Triple-A. Another possibility might be Patrick Keating, or perhaps Kendal Volz. (if it’s Volz, I have to give credit to the World-Herald’s Rob White for the prediction.)

-Catcher Ryan Eigsti anticipates being activated from the disabled list soon. But that will give Omaha three catchers, along with Max Ramirez and Cody Clark. What are they going to do with three catchers?

-Max Ramirez was hit in the head with a pitch in the 6th. He stayed in the game, but later in the dugout I spotted him rubbing his head in the spot he was hit. I will keep an eye on that – and let’s hope that doesn’t answer the question of how to deal with having too many catchers around! (Concussions suck. I know this too well.)

-Many of you saw this on Twitter, but my mom isn’t on Twitter so I’ll repeat it here: Johnny Giavotella just about killed me with a foul ball. The place where I was standing to take pictures is in a perfectly straight line between home plate and this mark on the dugout wall where the ball hit:

I'm SO glad those laces aren't on my head. Or my camera.

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  1. Mom

    I’m glad about the lace’s placement, too!

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