Apr 12

Walkoff win #2 – this time with no extra innings

The pressure was on Vin Mazzaro to eat some innings today.

After yesterday’s marathon win, the Storm Chasers needed a solid – and lengthy – start out of Vin Mazzaro. After one inning, this looked like a good possibility, as Mazzaro struck out two and induced a groundout. In the bottom of the first, Omaha shook Rangers prospect Martin Perez for three hits,a walk, and two runs.

Mazzaro needed to get four outs in the 2nd after Brad Nelson reach first* on a wild pitch that was also a swinging strike three. On cue, he got another K and a 3-4-3 double play. Still good so far.

*the Miguel Olivo Special!

Perez found his stuff in the 2nd, and shut down the Chasers offense for a while. Meanwhile, Mazzaro started to struggle, giving up 4 runs over the next few innings. However, he made it through six innings, giving the bullpen a chance to rest a teeeeny tiny bit. Roman Colon was tasked with the next two innings, even though he also pitched yesterday. Looks like he’s the guy Jirschele is going to turn to as the “workhorse” archetype.

The Omaha bats were fairly quiet until the 9th, which they entered witha¬† 5-3 deficit. With one out, Jarrod Dyson reached base with a Scott Podsednik-esque swinging bunt that the 3rd baseman and pitcher both thought would roll foul before it hit the bag. It did not, and the Chasers got the spark they needed to mount a rally. The wheels sort of fell off for Round Rock at that point. Dyson stole 2nd and reached third on a bad through that sailed into left-center field. (That’s what speed do.) Derrick Robinson walked, and then Tony Abreu popped out to third.

Clint Robinson battled his way into a 2-2 count, then got hit on the foot with a pitch to load the bases. Kevin Kouzmanoff singled up the middle to drive in Dyson and Robinson for the tie, and then Irving Falu singled in PR David Lough for the Chasers’ second-straight walkoff win. This one, thankfully, was half the length of yesterday’s win.

By the way, once Lough came in as the PR, the bases were loaded with Dyson, D. Robinson, and Lough. That is a LOT of speed.

This was the first time I have actually been able to sit and watch a game with my eyes, rather than my camera. The difference between “Did you see that?” and “did you get that shot?” is immense. It’s amazing how much of a game I can’t see when I’m taking pictures. That is, however, a sacrifice I make happily, and I hope that you enjoy the fruits of my labor. Besides, running around to my different picture-taking spots is a way better workout than sitting in the press box eating cookies.

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