Apr 02

The Y’Know Meter: Day 3

"Let me explain!"

I'm going to run out of Frenchy pictures.

People on Twitter have been making fun of Royals players who say “Y’know” for as long as people have been talking about the Royals on Twitter. This season, I’ll be keeping track of the player interviews on the Royals postgame show on FSKC so we can see quantifiably who the King of Y’Know really is.

Only two locker room player interviews today…and Frenchy is once again the winner.

Game Interviewee Y’Knows Time YPM
3 Chris Getz 6 2:00 3
3 Jeff Francoeur 9 1:15 7.2

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  1. Chris

    You’re being unfair to the starting pitchers here; they only get interviewed once every five games as opposed to position players who might have a mike shoved in their faces several times a week. I say this because the person I’ve REALLY noticed as the king of “you know” is Luke Hochevar, and if he doesn’t win this it will only be for lack of opportunity.

    1. Minda Haas

      I’m trying to be fair, by keeping track of the *rate* (Y’Knows Per Minute) in addition to just the Number. I know that Hoch says it a TON – he and Bruce Chen are actually two of the main reasons I started this silly thing! :)

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