Apr 02

Introducing…The Y’Know Meter

Frenchy answering a question

He's probably saying Y'Know right here.

People on Twitter have been making fun of Royals players who say “Y’know” for as long as people have been talking about the Royals on Twitter. This season, I’ll be keeping track of the player interviews on the Royals postgame show on FSKC so we can see quantifiably who the King of Y’Know really is.

If last night is any indication, Jeff Francoeur will run away with this. He dropped an unbelievable THIRTY Y’Knows in a 1:45 interview, for a “Y’Know Per Minute” (YPM) of over 17.

The way I see it, his competitors will be Bruce Chen, Luke Hochevar, Brayan Pena and maybe Tim Collins. Here is last night’s data. Google Docs is totally messing up right now, but I’ll make this publicly available as soon as it lets me save a spreadsheet. You’re welcome!

Game Interviewee Y’Knows Time YPM
1 Luke Hochevar 26 3:00:00 8.66
Aaron Crow 3 0:45:00 4
Jeff Francoeur 30 1:45:00 17.14
Nate Adcock 4 1:40:00 2.4

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