Aug 11

Would you watch KC minor leaguers at The K?

OMDQ at Bus Leagues Baseball wonders why more teams don’t have special minor league games in their Major League parks.

If the Royals did this at Kauffman Stadium, would you go? Would you like to get a glimpse of The Process in action by seeing Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer playing at The K now instead of waiting what feels like an eternity for them to earn their way there?

Also, while I’m here: I’m not likely to be around for a while. As I mentioned at my other blog, I’m going through a pretty intensive training for my job at the moment, so time for blogging – much less keeping up with the basic goings-on of the baseball world – is nearly nonexistent. The most Royals following I’ll be able to do most of this month will be in the form of text updates from MLBGO.

Go Royals….

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  1. Devon Young

    Wait, you mean those aren’t minor leaguers already playing at the K?
    Seriously tho… yes.

  2. Mike

    Love the blog, though I wish we had a better season to talk about. Hey, will you be at the ground-breaking on Wednesday?

  3. Minda Haas

    Thanks, and so do I! “There’s always next year…”
    Sadly, I am stuck in Lincoln for this job training, so I’ll have to miss the ground-breaking. I’m sad – I was definitely looking forward to celebrating the beginning of what’s going to be an AWESOME place for the O(SarCo?)Royals to play.

  4. Mike

    You missed it. I got to shake the hand of Bob Gibson, George Brett, and Warren Buffett. Something to tell the grandkids about someday.

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