Oct 12

Random football thoughts

I think the phrase “nearly intercepted” is used way too often in football broadcasts, both on TV and the radio. I don’t care if the pass truly was “nearly intercepted;” the phrase is still grossly overused. A good way to die is to drink every time you hear it, no matter who is announcing.
My heart is totally broken after the Husker loss yesterday. It would have hurt less if we had lost to Texas Tech by 50, because that’s what Vegas said we were supposed to do. Instead, Joe Ganz (or MANz, as I like to call him) and his receivers shredded the Tech defensive scheme and scored a VERY late TD to force overtime. You know what, I don’t even want to describe that game right now. It hurts too much. Ganz should not have thrown that ball. It hurts. So hard.
Here’s what happened, and a bunch of other stuff from Huskers.com.

He was SO GOOD. Until he wasn’t. :(
Turns out the Jerry Jones’ strategy for dealing with Adam “not Pacman” Jones’ latest scuffle is to not deal with it. Pacman is in the lineup today against Arizona. Also, Arizona ran back the opening kickoff for a touchdown, which makes me laugh because I hate the Cowboys.

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