Sep 29

Football, football everywhere

For the first time in a while, I missed a Nebraska football home game. Instead, I spent some time in Omaha, spreading the joy of Maverick Mojo towels and hanging out with various pals. Nebraska beat Iowa State, and thank God for that, because if they had a repeat of last week’s game I would find actual heads on actual pikes around campus, not just figurative ones.
The day was a ton of fun, but it made me miss some of the craziest college football games I have ever heard of. USC and Washington is still going on, but I’m pulling really hard for Washington. When you get right down to it, almost every game today was probably displayed as an “Upset Watch” at ESPN.com’s scoreboard page. Check this out:
Colorado over #3 Oklahoma.
K-State over #7 Texas (again).
Maryland over #10 Rutgers.
Georgia Tech over #13 Clemson.
Florida State over #22 Alabama.
The day isn’t even over, but already five different Top 25 teams have lost to unranked teams, the most outrageous of which was the Colorado win.
Hm. As I typed that list, USC scored again, making it 24-14. Hang in there, Huskies!
Quick gearshift:
How is tomorrow already the last game of the season? Wow, 2007 has gone by quickly! I know September has kind of sucked, but I’d like to remind each of you that the season has had its share of highlights (some of which I’ll bring to you this coming week, as a way of easing myself in the offseason). In an unusual turn of events, Buddy Bell is actually going to let a September callup play by giving Luke Hochevar the start tomorrow after Jorge De La Rosa was scratched.
After tonight’s 2-4 performance, Mike Sweeney‘s career batting average is 0.2996142306043720531504500642949. (Thanks to Brad for the heads-up on that!) Where exactly does MLB round for this kind of thing? I’d like for my Best Friend to hold a .300 career average going in to this offseason, just in case. Tomorrow might be his last game in a KC uniform, and as far as I know he’ll get to play 1B instead of his usual DHing duties. I’d like to wish Mike the best of luck in tomorrow’s game….just in case.

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