Mar 04

A football moment, brought to you by Favre’s retirement

Before Brett Favre captured my little heart, football was just a thing my parents and brothers watched while I kept myself entertained elsewhere in the house. I’d wander in to the TV room sometimes, but mostly I was in one place, and football was in another. Then in grade school, one of my classmates was all pumped up for a Green Bay Monday Night Football game. Something about her excitement over this Favre guy had my young mind intrigued; for one of the first times it sounded kind of fun to be a fan of somebody in football. Basically, I came of age as a football fan because of Brett Favre.
…and now he’s retiring.

I suppose the rest of the writing world has already covered every aspect of Favre’s retirement. All I can really add is that I know I’ll never love a quarterback the way I love Brett Favre. The man has, at different times in his storied career, been the drugged-up guy you want your daughter to avoid and the guy you kind of want your son to grow up to be.
But he has always been exciting. He has always been easy to root for. It will be easy to miss him next year, to wish he could have donned that familiar green and gold one more time, that he’d give us one last Last Season.
Farewell, Brett. I’ll miss you dearly.

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