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Jan 31

Rob Neyer is this generation’s Bill James. Who will be the next generation’s Neyer?

Talk about burying the lede. Tucked away at the very end of a  fun column about the amazing Bo Jackson, is a note that Rob Neyer is leaving his 15-year-old spot at ESPN. Of course, it’s this end-note that has everyone all abuzz, which is kind of sad for fans of Bo Jackson discussions. Already, …

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Oct 01

ESPN Women?

ESPN man

Because women can’t understand sports media that’s geared toward men! The incomparable Pete Gaines alerted me to the impending existence of ESPNW, a version of ESPN that will cater to women and their tiny brains, because “women see us as an admirable brand that has authority. But they see us as their father’s brand, or …

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