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Jun 01

Frenchy an All Star? No thanks.

Because this site accidentally turned into a 24/7 Jeff Francoeur site last winter, I think it’s only appropriate that I contribute to the Royals’ campaign for him to be an All Star this summer. Some people say that you can use numbers to say anything. I’m trying to make the numbers say that Jeff Francoeur …

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Mar 31

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack…

Peanut vendor., originally uploaded by Minda Haas. ….not that I’ll be at The K or anything, but still! It’s almost time for some Royals baseball! (Is that how the song goes? I think it is.)

Feb 14

Pitchers and Catchers and bears, oh my!

(OK, there are actually no bears. Just a bunch of pitchers and catchers.) LOTS more after the jump!

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Feb 13

Blogger Shame: a random musing

With every new semester (this is my tenth!) comes a whole new set of introductions to classmates. Hi, I’m Minda, and I’m a baseball nerd. ….or, that is what I would say if I wanted all my new classmates to never talk to me again. Instead, I almost never tell new acquaintances that I’m a …

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Feb 11

Link of the Day: Win Jonah Keri’s book!

Do you like baseball? How about poetry? How about writing poetry to win a baseball book? If you do…TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY! Go write a poem before 8 pm ET, tomorrow night (Friday). If yours is the best, you win a signed copy of Jonah Keri’s forthcoming book, The Extra 2%. If you do …

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Jan 31

Rob Neyer is this generation’s Bill James. Who will be the next generation’s Neyer?

Talk about burying the lede. Tucked away at the very end of a  fun column about the amazing Bo Jackson, is a note that Rob Neyer is leaving his 15-year-old spot at ESPN. Of course, it’s this end-note that has everyone all abuzz, which is kind of sad for fans of Bo Jackson discussions. Already, …

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Jan 26

Motivational (?) statement from Eric Berry

Click to see original tweet

For some reason I follow a bunch of Chiefs players on Twitter. Today, I found that reason: The last line kills me. Might not use it

Jan 23

Why so glum, Billy?

Sheepish Billy., originally uploaded by Minda Haas. This was Billy Butler receiving his Player of the Year award. He looks sheepish, or sad. And his tie…oh my goodness, I wanted to go re-tie it for him. (Click on photo for original, and lots more from the Royals Awards ceremony!)

Jan 22

Everyone look over there!!

Everyone look over there!!, originally uploaded by Minda Haas. Lorenzo Cain, Mitch Maier, Alex Gordon and Jeff Francoeur answered questions from Tim Scott (right) and fans tonight. The questions ranged from ballparks to playoffs to Mitch Maier’s body (seriously) to whether Cain has any friends. No joke. It was way more entertaining than I thought …

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Jan 14

Link of the Day: One BILLION seconds

Chris Jaffe noted that today, at some point, it will have been one billion seconds since the start of the Royals game in which Frank White’s hand and Al Cowens’ jaw got broken. Each were hit by pitches thrown by Ed Farmer. Thanks to Chris for digging up this strange factoid!

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