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Jun 02

Surprise military homecoming = dusty in here (no matter where “here” is)

This happened tonight at Werner Park. I knew it was coming, and it still made me all weepy. But you can see for yourself; the people in the crowd felt the same way.       See tonight’s full set – including the Human Cannonball! – HERE.

Jun 02

Tonight, I saw a man get shot out of a cannon


This was the first time in a very long time that I’ve been genuinely excited to see an on-field promotion. Prettaay cool.   Many more pictures – including a surprise reunion of a military family! – coming up later tonight.

May 11

LINKS: Photos of every 2013 Omaha Storm Chasers player

Here are links to my photos of every player who comes through Omaha this year. Bookmark this page for reference; I will be updating it throughout the season as the roster changes. To browse the full list of every tag I’ve ever used, click HERE. I welcome suggestions for additional tags on any picture. PITCHERS …

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May 05

Omaha wins 2-1 in 10; David Lough es en fuego

I don't know who's giving that big hug to Falu - I think it's David Lough. Which, awwww.

This was a fantastic game. Chris Dwyer was excellent again, using his curveball to keep the Redbirds off the board completely for 6.1 innings. Like his last home start, he did not get a double-yoo. That went to Louis Coleman, who got the BS/W combo. Coleman was actually good in his 2.2 innings, though he …

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Apr 27

Scenes from Omaha’s 10th-inning walkoff win

The Storm Chasers held a 4-2 lead in the top of the 9th and one out. Donnie Joseph seemed to be cruising, but a tough ground ball put an Iowa runner on base, and Jirsch elected to go to righty Michael Mariot to get the last two outs. Instead, Mariot surrendered a home run to …

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Mar 20

How to dress for an April game in Omaha: a PSA in the style of a blatantly obvious Lifehacker post

Sometimes, Lifehacker is useful. Other times, its staff members provide us with painfully obvious advice couched as a genius new tip. In my offseason boredom, I’ve decided to bring you some advice in the style of the latter. When you watch a Spring Training game, or attend one, you notice that a typical fan outfit …

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Sep 12

The team behind the team: Chasers strength & conditioning coach Joey Greany

The Storm Chasers are in Reno right now, continuing their quest to repeat as Pacific Coast League champions. By this point in the year, we’ve all learned a lot about each of the players on the roster. But someone who’s not on the roster is a pretty important part of the team – strength and …

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Sep 09

Storm Chasers win American Conference, finally, in Albuquerque!

When I’m watching or listening to sports and I’m nervous about the outcome, I knit. Today, in the wake of Albuquerque’s stunning comeback win last night, I knitted almost an entire scarf as I listened to the Storm Chasers play Game 5 of the American Conference championship. Even when Omaha jumped out to a 10-0 …

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Aug 26

Chasers notes, featuring an awkward autograph story

After the fireworks show

Funny story about this autograph: This group of three little kids were screaming at every player in sight, asking for autographs. They even asked me for one, right before this happened. Then Wil came out of the dugout to sign for him, as he is wont to do. The kids asked him, “What’s your name?” …

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Aug 19

Pictures from the Omaha division title celebration

The Omaha Storm Chasers spent one evening only as the OmaHogs, which was the runner-up in the fan vote for the new team name two years ago. It was “What If?” night, and the team’s magic number was just two. A win over 2nd-place Nashville would clinch Omaha’s 2nd consecutive division title. So in their …

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