Aug 26

Chasers notes, featuring an awkward autograph story

Funny story about this autograph

Funny story about this autograph:

This group of three little kids were screaming at every player in sight, asking for autographs. They even asked me for one, right before this happened. Then Wil came out of the dugout to sign for him, as he is wont to do. The kids asked him, “What’s your name?”
Wil didn’t answer.
Kids: “What number is Wil Myers?”
Wil: [with a straight face] “Eight.”
Kids: “wait, you’re wearing #8! What number is Myers? Why are you wearing his number?”
Wil: [says nothing, hands back the signed ball]
Kids: “Wait, are YOU Wil Myers? I gotta get Wil Myers! He’s our best player! Where is he?!”
Wil: [walks away]

I laughed.


With Kansas City emptying the bullpen tonight, it seems logical to move (quickly!) a reliever or two up. My guess is that Tommy Hottovy and Vin Mazzaro go up, to give KC a lefty and a righty who are both on the 40-man and both available to pitch right away.

Or no move will be made, and the KC rotation will choose this exact day to put together a string of sub-3-inning starts, and the Royals won’t even have Mitch Maier to bail them out on the mound.


It was really hazy tonight, and the fog trapped all of the firework smoke in the immediate vicinity of Werner Park. So the concourse looked like this:

Kinda awesome actually.

Good night from Werner Park! Tomorrow is the last game of the regular season, and (KNOCK ON WOOD) it’s supposed to be a lovely, sunny day.

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